Effective Indiana OWI Defense

Increased attention to enforcement of drunk driving laws and punishment of offenders is noticeable in the language people use to describe the charges. Indiana law is strict and complex in its drunk driving laws, but one thing is certain: Whether we call it OWI, DUI or DWI, a drunk driving charge stopped resembling a “traffic ticket” decades ago.

High-Stakes Case Experience

At Boje, Benner, Becker, Markovich & Hixson, LLP, our practice includes a focus on criminal defense, which has been a trusted resource for people in Noblesville, Hamilton County and surrounding Indiana communities for over 70 years. We work closely with people facing all levels of misdemeanors and felonies and our OWI defense experience is extensive.

Contact us for effective OWI defense representation. We will seek an appropriate resolution for your case which may include resolving it by an agreement or contesting charges on grounds such as an improper traffic stop, faulty testing or other violations of your constitutional and legal rights. In addition, we will explain all your options regarding obtaining specialized driving privileges. Need immediate answers? Call 866-913-0134.

Even if this is your first offense, you were barely over the alcohol concentration equivalent (ACE) limit or no one was injured, you should talk to our experienced Noblesville OWI defense attorneys. If you have other offenses on your record or are facing a more serious charge, this step may be critical to protecting your freedom, livelihood and future.

Effective Defense For Indianapolis Area DUI And OWWI Charges

You can turn to us for helpful counsel and effective defense of your rights and interests, regardless of the exact charge and circumstances of your drunk driving arrest. Our lawyers know the nuances of investigation and negotiation, and we understand the range of consequences in cases involving:

  • Misdemeanor or felony level drunk driving/OWI offenses, including those involving a high ACE, a traffic accident or injuries
  • Operating watercraft while intoxicated (OWWI)
  • Special considerations for defending juveniles, CDL holders and people charged with OWI or a similar offense while visiting the Hamilton County area
  • Refusal to take a Breathalyzer test
  • People facing lengthy prison time as habitual offenders
  • Hardship and probationary driving privileges

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Please don’t wait to get experienced criminal defense representation. The success of your case’s outcome may depend on it. Contact our Hamilton County DUI and drunk driving attorneys today for a consultation.