Noblesville Family Law Attorneys

Indianapolis Area Attorneys for Your Family Law Challenges

A successful family law practice requires much more than knowledge of statutes and procedures. When individuals contact our Noblesville law firm, we are committed to delivering personal attention and compassionate guidance as well as skilled legal services.

Skilled, Empathetic Advocates for Men and Women Facing Divorce

If you are preparing to file for divorce or need to respond to a divorce action filed by your spouse, our lawyers are prepared to handle every aspect of your case. We protect our clients' interests on major issues including child custody, support and marital property division — and you can depend on us to pursue favorable resolution by the most cost-effective means. Our experience extends from efficiently completing the legal requirements for an amicable dissolution of marriage to resolving complex, high-asset disputes through mediation or litigation.

Support and Custody Modifications — Adoptions and Guardianships — Complex Family Law Issues

In all matters of family law, our mission includes thoroughly understanding your priorities and goals, in order to achieve an outcome that enables you to move forward with maximum stability. We are here to counsel and advocate for you when your challenge involves:

  • Pursuing or defending against a post-decree modification of child support, child custody or other orders — which require identifying and substantiating a significant change in circumstances
  • Defending your interests when you or your ex-spouse is exploring a relocation that may impact access to children and parenting time
  • Successfully completing an adoption, including a stepparent or grandparent adoption
  • Establishing a guardianship for a vulnerable adult or dependent child
  • Asserting your grandparents' rights

Our firm's reputation and experience in the courts throughout central Indiana assist you in seeking a favorable outcome. In addition, we can apply relevant knowledge of other legal practice areas — such as criminal law, if domestic violence or other allegations play a part in your situation. Many of our family law clients turn to us with needs involving estate planning or administration, real estate transactions, and business issues.

To work with an attorney who will offer legal knowledge and genuine compassion to you and your family law challenges, please call our office today and arrange a consultation.